Best Aluminium Ladder To Buy Online in India in 2020

We all have a cupboard that we can’t reach. Often, we have to change the bulb/tube light even if we don’t want to. Some people have height to their advantage while the majority of them don’t. It’s not practical keeping one of those huge steel ladders at home, so luckily there is an alternative.

This comes in the form of Aluminium ladder. But as might the case may be, a lot of people are apprehensive of the use of such ladders for safety reasons. It’s a valid fear. However, don’t let fear take a grip on your lives and try to be as practical as possible.

If you often face such difficulties as stated above, or, even some different issue that requires the use of a ladder, don’t hesitate to purchase one. These ladders don’t take up too much space nor are they bulky and a burden. Contrary to many people’s beliefs they are actually quite handy.

It’s completely understandable if you need some help to decide which ladder to purchase. It’s not an item that’s on every person’s shopping list. So here are a few deliverables on the basis of which you can take a more informed decision on aluminium ladder, if you ever need to.

  • Size: There are different sizes available for different needs. Don’t portray negative feelings towards an item because of a mistake on your part. Often people are disappointed with their purchase because of the ladder is either too big, or it’s too small. These days there are many ladders that have the option of adjustable height. So choose a ladder on the basis of your needs.
  • Sturdy/Safety: Everyone has the fear of falling off a ladder. It may have happened to you at least once during your lifetime or if it hasn’t yet, brace yourself. But it is important to trust the ladder. And how do you trust a ladder? Before buying it look at if it is sturdy enough to hold enough weight, see whether it wobbles when you climb on it or not and there are also many ladders available these days that have additional safety features instilled in them, such as grip, etc. Safety is always a priority no matter what.
  • Compact: A lot of people avoid this particular purchase because they consider it to consume too much of space. If that’s your primary concern look for foldable ladders and other such compact ladders.

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Amazon India has best sellers list and looking at that list is one of the easiest way to pick a good product for yourself.

Top 10 Best Selling Aluminium Ladder from Amazon India:

Bestseller No. 1
Bathla Advance 5-Step Foldable Aluminium Ladder with Sure-Hinge Technology (Orange)
  • 5-YEAR WARRANTY: Bathla products are built to last. Each is manufactured with care from the highest quality materials in state-of-the-art facilities. This product is covered by a 5-Year Bathla Trust Warranty that guarantees its exceptional quality.
  • ALL WEATHER RESISTANT:Built from rust-proof, high-grade aluminium and precision engineered HDPE components to ensure maximum corrosion resistance. Designed for use in all climates and weather conditions.
  • SURE-HINGE TECHNOLOGY: Bathla's proprietary Sure Hinge Technology features double-locking pivot joints for a perfectly stable, wobble-free experience every time. Dimension: 173x50x12cm
  • ANTI-SKID SHOES: Specially designed PVC shoes give you unrivalled stability while the ladder is in use. Designe to enhance safety, they form a strong grip even on wet surfaces.
  • SLIP-PROOF STEPS WITH EDGE GUARDS: Every step is designed with rows of parallel ridges that give your feet a steady, slip-free surface during use. They also feature precision engineered edge guards to maximise safety.
Bestseller No. 2
PARASNATH Aluminium Blue Heavy Folding Ladder 6 Step 6.2 Ft
  • Size: (L) 56 Cm X (B) 117 Cm X (H) 184 Cm
  • Weight: 8.54
  • Heavy Duty Aluminium Ladder For Extra Durability With A Weight Bearing Capacity Up To 150 Kg, High Quality Aluminum And Must Have For Every Home Or Commercial Space.
  • Pack Content: 1 Home Pro Ladder- 6 Steps
  • Ideal For Every House Hold, Office, Warehouse, Godown Or Shop . Corrosion Resistant Structure For Longer Life. Wide Base Design For Firm, Comfortable And Safe Climb.
Bestseller No. 3
Casa Copenhagen Eternal Classic 2019, Ultra-Stable 5-Step Foldable Aluminium Ladder, 160 cm/5.25 ft/10 X 10 inch, Silver
  • Top Platform Size 10 inch X 10 inch & Step Size 14,15,16,17 Inches with 5-Year Warranty
  • It includes four wide steps for comfort and stability , Capacity- 100 KGS
  • Dimensions (LxBxH): 172 x 50 x 12 cm
  • Non-skid ribbed steps knee guard for added support Edge protector/saree guard anki-skid PVC shoes
  • This ladder is made from high grade aluminium, to ensure its durability
Bestseller No. 4
PARASNATH Back Heavy Folding Ladder With Wide Steps Milano 6 Steps 6.2 Ft
  • Product Weight:- 9.5 Kg, Weight Holding Capacity (Kg) : 120 - 150 Kg ,Top Platform From Ground - 143 Cm, Wide Steps:- 20*37 Cm,Wide Platform:- 25*37 Cm
  • Material: Powder Coated Steel
  • Closed Size:- (L) 9 Cm X (B) 45 Cm X (H) 194 Cm. /Opening Size:- (L) 110 Cm X (B) 45 Cm X (H) 180 Cm.
  • Ideal For Every House Hold, Office, Warehouse, Godown Or Shop . Corrosion Resistant Structure For Longer Life. Wide Base Design For Firm, Comfortable And Safe Climb.
Bestseller No. 5
INSAK HOMES 4-Step Foldable Aluminium Ladder, 153x50x12 cm, White
  • 7-Year Warranty with Top Notch Customer Service
  • Light Weight High-grade aluminium, can be used for all weather
  • Weight carrying capacity of 200 Kgs
  • Easy to move and excellent packing
  • Dimension: 153x50x12cm
Bestseller No. 6
PARASNATH Aluminium Blue Heavy Folding Ladder 5 Step 5.2 Ft
  • Dimension:- Length- 55 Cm, Breadth- 12 Cm, Height- 177 Cm. Surface To Top Step Height- 114 Cm, Corrosion Resistant Structure For Longer Life. Wide Base For Firm, Comfortable And Safe Climb.Plastic Top With Anti Skid Design For Better Grip And Protection
  • Heavy Duty Aluminium Ladder For Extra Durability With A Weight Bearing Capacity Up To 150 Kg, High Quality Aluminum And Must Have For Every Home Or Commercial Space.
  • Pack Content: 1 Home Pro Ladder- 5 Steps
  • Ideal For Every House Hold, Office, Warehouse, Godown Or Shop . Corrosion Resistant Structure For Longer Life. Wide Base Design For Firm, Comfortable And Safe Climb.
Bestseller No. 7
Champion Ladders Aluminium Multipurpose Combination Ladder with Top Plates and Working Shelf (12.15 ft, Silver)
  • Certificated to European Safety Standard EN131
  • 12.15 FT Multi-purpose aluminium folding ladder
  • 1.2mm Extra Thick All-Rustproof Aluminium Alloy Construction
  • Extra thick All-rustproof aluminium alloy construction
  • "A" Ladder height: 6ft & Extension length: 12.15 ft
Bestseller No. 8
iVBOX iSTEP-R05 Foldable Aluminium 5 Step Ladder, Silver
  • SPACE-SAVING -: Space-Saving Design of Step ladders You Can Fold it to a Compact Size For Storage. Folds compactly to fit in a narrow place, You can say Goodbye to Hefty steel and Metal ladder. Lightweight design and a convenient carrying handle makes transportation a breeze.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND STURDY COMBINATION -: With a lightweight Aluminum construction and non-slip rubber feet, With single-hand Carry, You can Say goodbye to Hefty Steel and Metal Ladder. Easy Set up and use this ladder easily without scratching your hardwood floor. It is a perfect gift for your family!
  • WIDE USAGE & CONTEMPORARY DESIGN -: If you're looking for a ultra lightweight and attractive Aluminum ladder, here it is! Because its Aluminium, its super light and don't have to worry about Corrosion, Breakage, Rotting, Getting-muddy like the Metal, Plastic, Wooden. Compact and easy to carry, ideal for kitchen, garden, garage, office, Painting, Camp, Farm. iVBOX iSTEP Aluminum ladder will held up well to repeated use. Ideal for your home and shop!
  • SAFETY AND STABILITY -: Anti-slip ribbed steps for added security and slipping prevention, The steps are made from high quality brushed Aluminum, providing strength and style. Rubberized Feet keeps the ladder from slipping and prevents your floor from getting scratched during use.
  • Warranty -: 4-Year Product Manufacturing Defect.
Bestseller No. 9
PARASNATH Back Heavy Folding Ladder With Wide Steps Milano 5 Steps 5.2 Ft
  • Dimensions(In Inches): 37.8 X 18.8 X 57 (L X W X H), Height: 4.7 Ft / Ladder Height (Inches): 43.7
  • Material: Powder Coated Steel
  • Opening Size: 149.86 X 43.18 X 93.98 Cm / Closing Size: 43.18 X 158.75 Cm / Platform Dimension: 25.4 X 36.83 Cm / Platform Height: 116.84 Cm / Step Jump: 25.4 Cm
  • Ideal For Every House Hold, Office, Warehouse, Godown Or Shop . Corrosion Resistant Structure For Longer Life. Wide Base Design For Firm, Comfortable And Safe Climb.
Bestseller No. 10
Amazon Brand - Solimo 5-Step Foldable Aluminum Ladder, rust proof and certified by European Standard EN 131
  • 5-step foldable ladder made from hard anodized Grade 6063 aluminium
  • Sturdy steps and platform that have been tested for 10,000 cycles with front and back frames are pressed and riveted without any plastic component for extra strength.
  • Each step has parallel ridges for anti-slip and firm foothold
  • Anti-skid shoes provide enhanced stability on smooth and wet surfaces
  • 600 mm high knee-guard arch rail on the top offers support above the knee. Platform safety lock provides stability and security

We have also picked our own choices to give you more idea and information about top aluminium ladder in India.Check the below list and choose one that can best serve you.

Now that a couple of basic parameters have been laid down, here are five of the best aluminium ladders that we could find online. Perhaps, you can compare them and analyse each of their merits and demerits and make a more informed decision.

Best Aluminium Ladder to buy online in India in 2020:

#1.Cipla Plast CiplaPlast Folding Aluminium Ladder:

The ladder alone, weighs 6.19 kgs and is quite heavy to be honest. The product is designed in such a way as to be corrosion resistant and ideal for household use, office use etc.

It’s product dimensions are set at; 52 x 12 x 152 cm and it comes with additional safety features such as a plastic top to provide you with better grip while on board.

#2.Dolphin Bean Bags Dolphin Aluminium folding Ladder:

Lighter than the previous ladder, this one weighs 5 kgs and can reach heights upto 10 ft. To address the safety issue when it comes to ladders, the designers of this ladder, have made the base wide thereby, making it easier and a little bit safer to climb.

The wide base helps distribute the weight over a larger surface area which allows the ladder to take more weight than usual. The exact product dimensions of this product are; 45 x 20 x 80 cm and as a whole, it is a very strong and sturdy ladder.

#3.Eurostar 107 Aluminium 6-Step + Platform Ladder:

This ladder comes in different heights. Three, four, five, six, seven and eight feet respectively. It weighs 6 kgs and it has been designed in such a way so as to conform to German safety standards.

It backs this claim by having various safety features such as knee height guard rail and a non-slip surface. You get a pair of non-slippery safety shoes with them which is perfect for climbing the ladder.

It’s design too, helps in addressing the safety issues with ladders and as a whole, it is one of the safest ladders you can find out there.

#4.Compact Folding Adjustable Portable Aluminium Telescopic Ladder:

For those people who consider a ladders ability to be compact an important criteria, this one is close to ideal. It’s slim, foldable and weighs 7 kgs.

It’s considered to be a really light-weight ladder primarily responsible to use of A grade, aircraft aluminium in its manufacture. It comes with rubber feet that activate the forces of friction on extremely slippery surfaces as well.

For storage purposes and to make the entire storage process more convenient, it comes with a velcro that can be attached to it to secure it in its position. The exact product dimensions of this ladder are; 77.8 x 48.8 x 8 cm and the maximum load that it can take is 150 kgs.

#5.Cipla Plast Folding Aluminium Ladder:

Very similar in build and everything to the first ladder in this article, with the only major difference being size. This one is comparatively bigger, with it’s exact product dimensions set at; 55 x 12 x 176 cm.

It’s weight is the only other thing which is different. This one weighs slightly more at 7.19kgs. It has the same plastic top to give better grip and it too is corrosion resistant.

Go through the list of top 5 aluminium ladders and pick the best one that works for you.

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