Best Dinner Sets for Gifts/Personal use in India

Every woman knows the importance of dinner sets for her home. There is beauty in their use and especially when you are serving guests. Dinner sets have great aesthetic appeals, and they always come in handy.

That is why; rarely will you miss a dinner set in an Indian home. Setting the table with the best dinner set and watching your family enjoy a hearty meal is a sight to behold.

Types of Dinner Sets:

There are different types of dinner sets based on the material used to make them. They include:

  • Glass dinner sets: They are elegant but delicate. Therefore, keep away from children
  • Ceramic dinner sets: They are graceful and unique
  • Melamine: These are more sturdy and versatile in their use
  • Polypropylene: They are made from rugged plastic
  • Silver plated: These are most preferred during festivals as well as other religious functions

Buyer’s Guide – Selecting the Right Dinner Set :

While buying your dinner set, check the following features

The number of the items: The dinner sets come in different numbers with some having over 100 items. Therefore, depending on the size of your family, you can choose wisely. Also, if you hold large family gatherings, go for the one with a larger number.

The material used: As seen above, dinner sets are made from different materials. Therefore, pick according to your liking and preferences.

Dishwasher safety: Check whether or not you can use dishwashers to clean the dinner set, some ceramic, glass, stainless steel, melamine, and polypropylene are safe.

Microwave safety: Check whether you can use the dinner set with a microwave as not all of them are safe.

The design and pattern: Different dinner sets will come with different patterns and designs. Therefore, go for the one that impresses you most.

Color: Dinner sets vary in color, and you will be able to choose wisely based on the color flow of your dining room and how well the dinner set will blend with the décor.

The brand: There are many manufacturers of dinner sets all over the world and in India. Only go for top rated, tested, and approved brands.

Top Brands in India:

  • Corelle and buy their square round Lillyville 21-Sq.Ly-Ds
  • Klassic Vimal and buy their 163 Pcs stainless steel dinner set (silver)
  • Manya and buy their 24 pieces dinner set KAL018

Other than these brands, there are other trusted and top-rated brands that you can try and get their benefits.

Here is the list of best selling Dinner sets online in India and this list could be of great help in choosing the right dinner set for your personal use at home or for gifting.

Top 13 Best Selling Dinner Sets online in India:

SaleBestseller No. 1
LaOpala English Lavender Dinner Set Of 23
  • Color: White/Blue/Green , Dinner plate Size- 10.5"
  • High Polish, Dishwasher Safe, Microwave Safe, Stain Resistant
  • break resistant, bone ash free, extra strong, Extra Strong, Thin & light Weight
  • Capacity: serving bowl-790 ml , veg bowl-170 ml
  • dinner plate-6pcs, quarter plate-6pcs, veg bowls-6pcs, serving plate-1pcs, serving bowls-2pcs, salt & pepper
SaleBestseller No. 2
La Opala Diva Laopala Diva Mystrio Black 19 Pcs Dinner Set
  • Made from 100% vegetarian material, bone ash free
  • Made from toughened extra-strong and scratch resistant material
  • Crafted from superior quality Opal glass
  • Microwave safe
  • Colour: White Base with Floral Patterns
SaleBestseller No. 3
LaOpala English Lavender Dinner Set Of 35
  • Color: White/Blue/Green , Dinner plate Size- 10.5"
  • High Polish, Dishwasher Safe, Microwave Safe, Stain Resistant
  • break resistant, bone ash free, extra strong, Extra Strong, Thin & light Weight
  • Capacity: serving bowls-790 ml, veg bowl-170 ml , soup bowl-250 ml
  • 6 pcs-dinner plate, 6 pcs quarter plate, 6 pcs-veg bowl, 6 pcs-soup bowl, 2 pcs-serving bowl, 1 pcs-serving plate, 6 pcs-spoon, 2 Salt and Pepper Shaker
SaleBestseller No. 4
Eagleware Melamine dinner set pack of 32
  • dinner set
  • Gift
  • sale
  • Kitchen dinnerware
  • 6 full plate::6 half plate::3 donga::3 donga lid::1 rice plate::12 veg bowl-::2 serving spoon
SaleBestseller No. 5
Stainless Steel Glory Premium Dinner Set 61 Piece with Lazer Design
  • CONTENTS-Serving of 6 people, this premium quality lazer designed dinner set consist of - 6 full plates, 6 quarter plates, 6 halwa plates, 6 veg bowls, 6 chutney bowls, 6 glasses, 6 forks, 6 spoons, 6 dessert spoons, 3 handis, 3 serving spoons and 1 rice tray
  • LAZER DESIGN- Comes with an attractive floral lazer design in floral design. This lazer itching will never go off during its lifetime
  • MATERIAL AND GRADE- Made from high quality and durable 202 SS steel grade
  • FEATURES- Glossy Finish, Lazer Printed, Rust proof, BPA fr
SaleBestseller No. 6
Classic Essentials Stainless Steel Handi Set, 10-Pieces, Copper
  • Package Contents: 5-Pieces Handis with Lid and 5-Pieces Serving Spoon
  • Warranty: 6 months manufacturer's warranty
  • High polish, superior finish, food grade
  • Dishwasher safe, strong and sturdy
SaleBestseller No. 7
AmazonBasics 18-Pieces Dinnerware Set, White
  • AB-grade porcelain
  • BPA-free
  • Lightweight yet durable
  • Elegant white finish to complement existing kitchen décor
  • Safe in your microwave, oven, and freezer as well as dishwasher-safe
Bestseller No. 8
Raro Melamine Orbit Dinner set pack(Set of 32),White:Pink
  • Dinner Set is made of the superior quality of Melamine with attractive and beautiful Floralprint of Pink color on White.
  • This Set Contains:- 6 Round Half Plates, 6 Round Full Plates, 12 Bowls, 1 Serving Tray(Rice Plate), 2 Donga Base, 2 Donga Lid, 1 Open Donga, 2 Serving Spoons
  • Dimensions of each item in this package are:- Full Plates-25cm diameter, Half Plates-19cm diameter, Bowl diameter- 12cm, Bowl height-4cm, Bowl Capacity-300gm, Length of serving tray-31cm, breadth of Serving Tray-25cm, Spoon-23cm long.
  • The texture and design of this Dinner set is same as shown in the Image. It has a very unique and Cool Combination pink flowers emerging from black stem on White Plates. This gives a very elegant look to your dining table and will leave a very good Impression on your guests.
  • Weight of this Dinner set is 3.2Kg, Some salient features of this dinner set which shoul be noticed are that it is - RUST PROOF, HIGH POLISH, ULTRA DURABILITY.
SaleBestseller No. 9
Cello Checkers Plastic PET Canister Set, 18 Pieces, Clear
  • Each order comes with 6x 300 ml , 6 x 650 ml and 6 x 1,200 ml size containers, Total 18 Pcs PET Canisters
  • 100% Food Grade & BPA Free Canisters: This air tight is free from BPA (Bisphenol A), which causes health hazards when it comes in contact with food & liquidsEnsuring a healthier lifestyle using Bisphenol A free Products
  • Air Tight Seal: The Checkers Containers have an air tight seal that completely locks the Crisp & flavour of the contents you put in as does not lose moisture. The taste and nutritive value of the contents remains intact for a long time making the containers very appropriate for storing dry food, pulses, and spices
  • Easy to open lid: The Containers have swift & easy to operate lid
  • Stackable: You can stack the containers one over the other. Space saving canisters, Helps you to organize your kitchen
SaleBestseller No. 10
Cutting Edge Plastic Dinner Set, 101 Pieces - Purple
  • Microwave safe, freezer safe and dishwasher safe
  • Color: Purple, Material: Plastic
  • Package Contents: 101 Pc Dinner Set
SaleBestseller No. 11
Royal sapphire stainless steel dinner set 53 pcs
  • Made From High Quality Stainless Steel . 201 Grade Quality product
  • Resistant To Corrosion
  • Lifestyle product though affordable
  • Package Contents: 53 Pcs Dinner Set
  • Dishwasher safe for easy cleaning
Bestseller No. 12
Tulsi Stainless steel Dinner Set (Set of 24)(Glass, Curry Bowl, Desert bowl, Spoon, Quater Plate and Full Plate),Silver
  • Made From High Quality Stainless Steel.
  • Resistant To Corrosion.
  • Lifetime Guarantee On Manufacturing Defect.
SaleBestseller No. 13
AmazonBasics 16-Piece Cafe Stripe Dinnerware Set- Black
  • 16-piece round dinnerware set; service for 4
  • AB-grade porcelain; BPA-free; lightweight yet durable
  • Elegant white with contemporary black-trim detail
  • Safe in your microwave, oven, and freezer as well as dishwasher-safe
  • Package Contents: 4-Pieces Dinner Plate (27cm), 4-Pieces Dessert Plate (19.05cm), 4-Pieces Bowl (7cm) and 4-Pieces Mug (10.16cm)
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