Best Ironing Board to Buy Online in India in 2019

One of the most underrated, of all the household appliances is probably an iron board. Because of it’s simple looks, its importance is often overlooked. Its importance is infact, magnified during emergencies.

When you need to go out somewhere for a social gathering and have unluckily forgotten to get your shirt/dress ironed, unbox your iron, lay your shirt/dress on the iron board and voila! The solution to your problem.

It’s pointless buying an iron with out an ironing board and in that sense one can even consider them to be complementary goods. Despite its simple outward appearance and design, ironing boards actually come in three different categories.

The first is a free standing model, the second, one that is built into a wall and the third type is known as a compact table board. The basic reason behind the purchase of iron boards is to make the ironing of clothes simpler, by providing a solid and smooth surface on which to iron your clothes and make the crease-free.

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Buying an ironing board seems to be a simple enough task. However, there are three things that you must consider before buying an ironing board. These are:

  • Durability: Like all household appliances, durability is an important criteria for ironing boards. They need to be heat resistant, save electricity and sturdy as a whole. Longevity should be an important criteria to be looked at, as this is one of such products that is not really influenced by the changes of technology as well.
  • Storage Space: One of the major criticisms that people have of these ironing boards is generally the storage space they take up. But nowadays, majority of the ironing boards are foldable and can be fit in a tight space. This has proved to be an important criteria for a lot of people.
  • Price: As unlikely as it may seem, an ironing board is often considered to be a luxury, or at least it was. The middle income class at which it is targeted, are divided into two categories. One, give to the local dhobhi’s, while the other prefer ironing on their beds or something like that. Therefore, the price competitiveness of the product is considered to be an important criteria.

Amazon India has best sellers list and looking at that list is one of the easiest way to pick a good product for yourself.

Top 10 Best Selling Ironing Board from Amazon India:

Ironing board: This item is not accessible through the Product Advertising API.

We have also picked our own choices to give you more idea and information about top air ironing boards in India.Check the below list and choose one that can best serve you.

Information regarding five of the best ironing boards available online, is given below in brief, to help you out in the buying process.

Best Ironing Board to Buy Online in India in 2019:

#1.Bathla X-Press Iron Board:

Made out of metal, with product dimensions of 140 x 42 x 13 cm, the product weighs 5 kg. It’s entire body is made out of good quality metal, making it a very sturdy and durable piece.

It has been designed in such a way that using it saves up to 40% of both, energy as well as time. It’s aluminised cloth material is responsible for this benefit.

This is the best ironing board in India and can be bought with out any second thoughts.

#2.Synergy Ironing Board:

Modern in appearance and designed to appeal to the eyes, it has a number of features that enhance its utility. It is made out of high quality steel which is the reason behind its long lasting durability.This is second one in our list of best ironing board to buy online in India.

It weighs 3.9 kgs, and has product dimensions of, 143 x 33.1 x 5.1 cm. Some of its underlying features include, a 100% cotton cover to ensure that the clothes don’t stick on to the surface, materials to protect the base of your iron and a material that helps to make the optimum utilisation of the iron, both in terms of time and energy consumption.

#3.CiplaPlastCiplaplast Folding Ironing Board / Table:

It is a wooden board of product dimensions, 122 x 47 cms. One of the heavier iron boards out there in the market, this board weighs 7 kgs.This is third one in our list of best ironing board to buy in India.

You might be wondering why the height of the item is not covered in its product dimensions, that is because, it’s height is adjustable. Another feature, that adds to its appeal.

#4.Gimi Leo Steel Iron Board:

A medium sized board, with product dimensions of 110 cm x 33 cm x 90 cm, the entire body of it is made primarily out of steel.This is fourth one in our list of best ironing board in India.

The designers of this iron board have taken the environment into consideration and have seen to that many of the material used in this product are infact, recyclable. With a 100% pure cotton ironing board, it has the benefit of being heat resistant as well.

#5.Celebrations Ladder Cum Iron Board:

It’s not often that you find an iron board with additional features such as that of a ladder, so this iron board can definitely be considered to be unique in that respect at least.This is fifth one in our list of best ironing board to buy online in India.

It has the capacity to hold up to 110 kgs. The product itself weighs only 7.5 kgs. Because of its dual utility, it helps save space, which can be now used for something else.


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