Best Juicer In India in 2018 - Guide and Review

Eating fruits and vegetables is recommended, but you might not get all the nutrients that your body requires. Through juicing, you can give your body the most effective way of absorbing all the nutrients that the body needs.

Through juicing, your body gets the required amounts of nutrients without having to take a lot of food. For to enjoy drinking freshly prepared juice from home, you need to get the bet juicer in India.

Juicers come in different models and styles, and they also carry different features. If you want to get a perfect juicer in the Indian market, this is the right place to be.

I have reviewed several options for you that you can check and compare. Read more to find out the best juicers in India.

Things To Consider When Buying The Best Juicer In India

There are several things that you need to consider when selecting the best juicer in India. I have listed some of the most important considerations so that you can get to know what is required when selecting a juicer.

Juicing Yield

You need to look for a machine that offers maximum juice extraction from a few fruits and vegetables. A juicer that provides a high yield is effective and worth spending your money buying.

Speed of the Juicer

You should also have a look at the speed of the juicer. Some machines are slow while others are relatively fast. For instance, centrifugal juicers offer you with speed selection when you are juicing soft fruits like berries. You can also set the right speed when handling hard fruits like and vegetables like carrots.

Ease of Cleaning

You need to select a juicer that is easy to clean. This is the only way you will enjoy drinking high-quality juice. For that matter, you can look for a machine that comes with removable parts for easy cleaning.

Feeding Tube Size

Some juicers are designed with a larger feeding tube such that you do not have to pre-cut fruits and vegetables when you are juicing. Others come with a smaller feeding tube that cannot fit full fruits. Depending on the type of machine that you want, the decision is yours to make.

Other Considerations

  • Consider the level of noise
  • Ease of use of the juicer
  • Look at the price and the brand
  • Presence of juice level indicator
  • Ease of storage
Best Juicer In India

Amazon India has best sellers list and looking at that list is one of the easiest way to pick a good product for yourself.

Top 10 Best Selling Juicer from Amazon India:

SaleBestseller No. 1
Bluzon Premium Kitchen Tools Combo Of Green Manual Juicer, 6 In 1 Slicer And Veg Cutter With Peeler
  • Juicer : Long-lasting Super-Sharp Stainless Steel Blades with unbreakable plastic body.
  • Slicer : Enjoy picture-perfect tomato, cucumber or onion slices, julienne vegetable strips, waffled potato chips or grated cheese in just minutes! Space saving and dishwasher safe, this adjustable mandolin slicer / vegetable cutter / food chopper is a must have for every health conscious individual!
  • Veg Cutter : Bluzon vegetable cutter comes with unique 45mm radius round blades for better performance
  • Brand: "Bluzon" - Latest, Trendy, Designer & Stylish with Choice of Colors. Just Type & Search "Bluzon" in Search Bar & don't miss 'The Must Buy Products'.
SaleBestseller No. 2
Ganesh Fruits and Vegetable Juicer with Steel Handle
  • Easy turn handle for hassle-free juicing, Stainless steel filter that deseeds the fruits and vegetables
  • Patented anti-drip system for clear and fresh juice
  • All parts are detachable for easy cleaning, Made from plastic and stainless steel
  • Firm vacuum base for sturdy operation, Extra-large metal feed tube and metal handle
  • Colour: White, Material: Plastic
SaleBestseller No. 3
MSE juicer machine manual baby food slow juicer extractor hand fruit vegetable tomato carrot apple lime orange citrus lemon juicer (pack of 1)
  • Condition: Brand new/ high quality
  • Vacuum Base For Safe & Easy Use
  • Inclusive of : 1 Hand Juicer, 1 Juice Collector Jar, 1 Pulp Collector
  • Transparent Container For Clear View
  • Rust Proof & Highly Durable
SaleBestseller No. 4
Slings Deluxe Fruit & Vegetable Manual Juicer With Steel Handle Polypropylene Hand Juicer
  • Package Content : 1 Slings Juicer (Color May vary) with waste collector, Made In India, Food Grade Quality
  • The juicer is constructed of high-quality, impact-resistant ABS plastic that is BPA-free. All parts are detachable for thorough washing. Hand-wash and towel-dry suction base. Parts are top rack dishwasher-safe.
  • MULTIPURPOSE Juicing : Juices Wheatgrass, Kale, Spinach, Collard Greens, Chard, Parsley, Lettuce - anything leafy - EASILY! Does it juice carrots and such? Yup, it sure does, but if thats your primary reason for juicing wed probably encourage something else. Everything else, the Healthy Juicer is KING.
  • GET HEALTHY AND STAY HEALTHY: Nothing can replace daily activity and an overall great diet, but with the manual Healthy Juicer you can finally start feeling *amazing*. Juicing vegetables and wheatgrass allows you to consume an optimal amount of vegetables in an efficient manner
  • COMPACT :Easy to store, pack & carry for outings & picnics, portable, manual and extremely easy to use and clean
SaleBestseller No. 5
Floraware Plastic Fruit and Vegetable Juicer Combo Set, 9-Pieces, Green
  • Package Contents: 1-Piece Juicer, 1-Piece Multi-Cutter, 6-Pieces Blades and 1-Piece Peeler
  • Floraware juicer - if you wish to add an ergonomic and utilitarian juicer to your kitchen that can be put to multiple uses, then opt for floraware virgin plastic juicer
  • Design utility with a capacity of 250 ml, the floraware virgin plastic juicer is designed for the purpose of extracting a sufficient quantity of juice from fruits and vegetables on a regular basis with utmost convenience
  • It has a compact design with an easy mechanism which will help you operate this comfortably
  • Floraware vegetable and fruit cutter - it is ideal for chopping all kinds of fruits and vegetables, it is made-up from high-grade abs plastic and comes with stainless steel blades for fine performance
SaleBestseller No. 6
Ganesh New Smart Plastic Multipurpose Juicer Set, 2-Pieces, White
  • Vacuum locking system for sturdy grip
  • Easy turn handle for hassle-free juicing, stainless steel filter that deseeds the fruits and vegetables
  • All parts are detachable for easy cleaning, made from plastic and stainless steel
  • Color: White, Material: Plastic
  • Package Contents: 1-Piece Juicer and 1-Piece Juice Jug
SaleBestseller No. 7
Amiraj Plastic Manual Juicer Set, 2-Pieces, Blue
  • High quality ABS food grade plastic materials, fruit and vegetable juicer, folding juicer
  • Easy to use, easy to clean, designed to extract maximum juice out of fruits and vegetables
  • Comes with a glass and a waste bin
  • Color: Blue, Material: Plastic
  • Package Contents: 1-Piece Manual Juicer and 1-Piece Tumbler
SaleBestseller No. 8
Floraware Plastic Hand Juicer, 150ml, Orange
  • Comes with a vacuum surface lock system
  • Compact design
  • Easy to use
  • Fruit and vegetable juicer
  • Color:Orange, Material:Plastic
SaleBestseller No. 9
Floraware Plastic Hand Juicer, Green (IPL- GREEN)
  • Prepare healthy and fresh fruit and vegetable juices in minutes
  • Easy manual operation with a handy metal handle
  • Made from high quality abs plastic and stainless steel
  • Vacuum surface lock system for easy operation
  • Compact form factor for easy storage and portability
SaleBestseller No. 10
Famous One Stop Shop Ambition Fruit And Vegetable Juicer With Steel Handle And Waste Collector (Multicolor)
  • Material: Polycarbonate Shock Resistant ABS Body, Made In India
  • Package Content : 1 Juicer ( Any random color will be shipped)
  • Multi-Purpose ,Fastest, safest and easiest way to extract fruits, vegetables juices
  • Its compact form makes it easy to store, pack & carry for outings & picnics. Good to extract juice out of orange, pineapple, grapes, sweet lime, water melon, pomegranate, palak, tomato etc.
  • Comes with steel handle, waste collector and vacuum base.

We have also picked our own choices to give you more idea and information about top Juicers in India.Check the below list and choose one that can best serve you.

Recommended Best Juicer In India in 2018

Buying a juicer in the Indian market can be a tiresome job. I know you do not have all the time to move from one site to the other comparing different juicers. You can check the following reviews of top rated juicers.

1. Ganesh Fruits & Vegetable Juicer

Ganesh Fruits & Vegetable Juicer

Having a juicer at home gives you the opportunity to enjoy a healthy living. It is important if you consider a machine that will provide you with more juice and less pulp.

One of the best-rated juicers in India is the Ganesh Fruits & Vegetable Juicer. This is an ideal machine that maintains the real taste of the fruit even after juicing.

Faster Juicing

Unlike other juicers, this model provides you with faster juicing. You can prepare glasses of fresh juice within a few minutes.

Easy Operation

The machine is easy to operate manually when you are extracting fresh juice from your favorite fruits. Again, it is also comfortable when you are using it with a metal handle.

Easy Manual Washing

For you to get top quality juice, it is important to clean your machine after use. The parts of this juicer are removable giving room for easy manual cleaning.

Compact Design

The design of this Ganesh juicer makes it easy to store. You can prepare a variety of juices from different fruits such as grapes, oranges, watermelon, tomatoes and other types of fruits that you love.

2. Prestige PCJ 2.0 250-Watt Juicer

Prestige PCJ 2.0 250-Watt Juicer

If you want to enjoy a healthy living, juicing should be part of your lifestyle. There are so many benefits that you will get from juicing.

Not only does it help your body absorb all the nutrients contained in the vegetables but also allows you to consume the desired amounts of vegetables in an ideal manner.

For you to enjoy great tasting juices from your favorite fruits and vegetables, try the Prestige PCJ 2.0 250-Watt Juicer. The juicer works well, and it delivers top quality and better tasting fresh juice.

Wide feeding Mouth

The wide feeding mouth of this juicer makes it easy for you to feed the machine with your ingredients. It saves you the time of cutting fruits and vegetables into smaller pieces hence you can juice pretty fast.

Juice Collector Jar

You do not need to purchase a juice jag separately. This model comes with a collecting jar where all the juice extracted is collected.

250 Watts Motor

The juicer is operated with a powerful motor that can handle even the toughest fruits and vegetables. It provides the required amount of power for successful juicing.

Easy Cleaning

Most of the juicers pose a great problem when it comes to cleaning because they do not have removable parts. However, with this model, cleaning is easy and takes less time.

3. Philips Viva Collection HR1863/20 2-Litre Juicer

Philips Viva Collection HR1863/20 2-Litre Juicer

Eating fruits and vegetables is recommended but you might not get all the nutrients that are required by the body.

Through juicing, you provide your body with an easy absorption of nutrients hence keeping your body healthy.

For Indian people, the Philips Viva Collection HR1863/20 2-Litre Juicer is designed to meet all your juicing needs. The machine comes with an array of features making it easy to operate. Let us have a look at some of the best things about this juicer.

700 W Motor

The juicer has a nice performance, and it gives you the opportunity to prepare up to two liters of fresh juice. This is an ideal product for homes with large families.

Extra-Large Feeding Tube

You do not need to cut the fruits into smaller pieces so that they can fit on the machine. The large feeding tube can accommodate even a whole fruit.

QuickClean Technology

Once you are through with juicing, you can clean this appliance within a minute. Its QuickClean polished sieve and the smooth surfaces offer easy cleaning. Again, the juicer is designed with removable dishwasher safe parts.

See-Through Pulp Container

The machine comes with a transparent pulp container and a lid that gives you the chance to monitor the juicing process. The see-through feature helps you know when the container is full and needs to be emptied.

4. Primelife Fruit And Vegetable Juicer

Indoor Bike Trainer Exercise Stand

For you to prepare mouth-watering juice for your family, you need a reliable juicer that can handle quite some ingredients with ease.

I know looking for the best juicer in India is such a time-consuming activity because of the millions of brands that are available.

To save you time, I'm reviewing the Primelife Fruit And Vegetable Juicer which is a perfect machine for people who are concerned about healthy living.

Detachable Parts

All the parts of the machine are detachable making cleaning easier. You can maintain the juicer clean after use for top quality juices.

Easy Extraction

This juicer provides you with very easy juice extraction. It is designed to separate the juice from the pulp in just one easy step.


It doesn't matter where you want to take your juicing needs; you can always carry this juicer. The machine is portable, so you do not expect any hectic time when traveling.

5. Prestige PCJ 7.0 500-Watt Centrifugal Juicer

Prestige PCJ 7.0 500-Watt Centrifugal Juicer

Are you looking for a large juicer that you can use to prepare fresh juice for you and your family?

If this is your current situation, consider purchasing the Prestige PCJ 7.0 500-Watt Centrifugal Juicer.

This model is among the highly rated products in India, and it delivers an impressive performance when it comes to juicing. Here are the features of this juicer.

Large Feeding Mouth

Throw all your ingredients in the machine for juicing without cutting them into pieces. The extra large feeding mouth can accommodate even large fruits.

500 W Motor

It doesn't matter how hard the fruits or vegetables are; this juicer has a strong power that allows it to extract juice from all types of ingredients.


The juicer is backed up by one year warranty from the manufacturer. If you experience any malfunction with the product within the warranty given, you are free to contact the manufacturer for assistance.

Final Verdict

There are great benefits that you will enjoy when you are juicing your favorite juice at home. Most importantly, when you have the right juicer with you, you are assured of better tasting healthy juices that you and your family will enjoy drinking.

With any of these reviewed top juicers in India, you are sure of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and giving your body the right amount of nutrients required.

The juicers selected are highly durable, and they also come at affordable prices to suit the budget needs of different customers. Do not be left behind, grab your favorite juicer and enjoy making fresh juice right at your home.

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