Best Philips Air Purifier in India – Top Brand to go for Pure & Healthy Air

Breathing in the clean and fresh air is vital for everyone. It is an amazing factor to note that sometimes the air in our homes is more dangerous and causes more harm than outdoor air.

It can be two to five times more unhealthy and full of allergens and pollutants. That is why every home needs an air purifier. Thankfully, Philips, which is a company that is highly esteemed and trusted, offers some of the top rated air purifiers in the whole world.

Philips is a company that understands the importance of healthy living, and that is why their home appliances are safe and healthy for human use.

Philips air purifiers come with different features and designs. Even so, they are all amazing products that have some of the topmost technologies.

They will clean the air in your home; get rid of bacteria, allergens, pollutants, dust, mold spores, viruses, odor, TVOCs, and more leaving you a healthy environment.

They also come in different sizes and take care of different room sizes. Some of the best Philips air purifiers include:

Philips AC4372/10: This is a portable air purifier that has an alert to show you it is time o replace the filter. It has a six-step fan speed, indicators to show air quality, a timer that is easy to set, a turbo mode, a silent mode, light sensors and so much more.

Philips AC4072/11: It has HEPA filter system and activated carbon. It consumes 47W, has four stages of filtration, a healthy air protect alert, a five-step fan speed, a boost power mode, an amazing control panel,  air quality sensors, low noise levels, and more.

Philips AC4081/21: It covers an area of 484 square feet and consumes 68W. It uses HEPA filter type and humidifier. It also uses VitaShield IPS for cleaner air, a NanoCloud technology to moisten the air, three steps setting for humidity control, can show air quality level, makes minimal noise, and has an auto mode.

These air purifiers are worth a trial from you at any time because they are very efficient and powerful in eliminating every harmful substance from the air in your home.

Here is the best selling list of air purifiers from Philips brand online in India

Top 10 Best Selling Philips Air Purifier Online in India:

Bestseller No. 1
Philips AC1215/20 Air purifier, removes 99.97% airborne pollutants with 4-stage filtration
  • Vitashield Intelligent purification automatically senses air quality and products Effective Filtration Size (in microns) >= 0.02 and for 0.3+ microns is 99.97%, 800 times smaller than PM 2.5
  • Purifies a standard room in just 12 minutes with a CADR of 270 m3/hour (Standard room size is 18 ft by 12 ft with an 8 ft ceiling height). Recommended room area: 226-333 sq ft.
  • 4 Stage Filtration process through pre filter, activated carbon filter & double layered H13 Grade TRUE HEPA Filter
  • 4-color air quality indicator gives real time air quality feedback, Packaging: > 90% recycled materials
  • Removes 99.90% bacteria and viruses, tested to remove airborne H1N1 virus
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