Best Selling Refrigerator Brands in India 2021

Summer is here and now it’s time to have some chilled water and soft drinks to quench your thirst. If you are thinking of buying a refrigerator this summer and wondering which is the best refrigerator brand in the Indian market, then you have landed up at the right place. Here you will get detailed information about top selling refrigerator brands in India.

During summer days, the Indian market is flooded with too many consumer products that even make it difficult for customers to choose the right item.

However, just as you consider researching on best-selling air conditioners, you also need to do a little bit of homework on finding best-selling refrigerators brands in India.

Following this approach, you will be able to choose the right type of refrigerator fulfilling your desires. Given below is a list of top-selling refrigerator brands in India.

Best-selling refrigerator brands in India 2021:

Before you choose a consumer product, it is always good to have enough knowledge about top selling brands available in the market.

This will help you in shortlisting your selection and make a better choice. Here is a list of brands popular in the market.

LG Refrigerator:

LG is a top manufacturing brand offering a wide range of refrigerators with advanced technology. The home appliances of this brand are huge in demand.

LG manufactures single door, double door and side by side door refrigerators. The prices of single door models vary from rupees 13,000 to 25,000. Single door refrigerators are perfect for small families. They look stylish and come in compact size.

Best quality Side by side door refrigerators in India

Single door -Double door-side by side door refrigerators – Comparison

The price ranges of double door refrigerators start from rupees 17,000 to 59,000. The LED light of these refrigerators work as power saver and are made with advanced technology.

The multi-door refrigerators come with spacious compartments that can easily accommodate bottles of different sizes. The prices of these models start from rupees 40,000 on wards.


Whirlpool is one of the top selling brands of refrigerators. It manufactures single door, double door, and multi-door refrigerators.

The single door refrigerators come with quick ice-making and automatic defrost technology. These models can give you around 12 hours of cooling effect after apower cut. The price range of these models starts from Rs 17,000 to 22,000.

Next is double door refrigerator that comes with advanced cooling features and superior performance. The price range of these models varies from Rs. 20,000 to 60,000. Most of these models have quick chill beverage zone and aseparate compartment for vegetable storage.

The multi-door refrigerators of Whirlpool come with three separate compartments or Zones for systematic storage. Their price ranges from Rs. 50,000 to 1 Lakh.

Best Single door refrigerators to buy online for this summer in 2021

Top quality Double door refrigerators in India for your home


Samsung is a top-class brand that deals with wide range of refrigerators with advanced technology. Let’s have a look at them-

  • Direct cool: It is a single door refrigerator that comes with base stand drawer and glass shelves. This model suits nuclear families with minimum income group who feel the requirement of having a refrigerator at home.
  • Frost free: It is a double door model that comes with high energy efficiency and durability. This model includes LED light, glass shelves, veg box and a multi-storage basket. The prices of these models start from RS, 21,000 on wards. It is a perfect model for those who would like to go for a stylish and higher model by paying few extra bucks.
  • Multi-door refrigerator: This is a stylish model offering enough space and separate drawers for proper management.


Godrej is one of the leading brands for refrigerators in India. It offers a wide range of home appliances to cater to the needs of people. The two important models of its refrigerators include frost free and direct cool.

The direct cool model shows higher performance with 50% fast ice making. The model also offers a larger space for storing vegetables and a separate section for dry storage.

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The frost free model of Godrej has 5-star rating and comes with double door option. The model has been made advanced with cool shower technology and a poly bag suspender inside the fridge. This is an environment-friendly model and comes with 1 year warranty.

Other Brands:

Besides these top brands presently ruling the Indian market, there are other products from good brands also available. These brands of refrigerators include Voltas, Videocon, Sharp, Panasonic, and Hitachi.

Almost all of these brands come with advanced features that best fulfill the requirements of your modern kitchen. So bring the right model of refrigerator to your home and beat the heat of summer.

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