Best Single Door Refrigerator to Buy in 2018 in India

Nobody needs to be reminded as to why it is that they need a refrigerator. Every urban household has one. When you read the heading of this article, the ‘single door’ aspect might peak your curiosity.

How many types of doors does a refrigerator have? Well, we live in a competitive world where companies are constantly innovating and trying to outdo their competition.

This gave rise to the ‘double door’ refrigerator. Because of this, a single door refrigerator now needs some explanation. Ideally suited for small families, as the name suggests, they come with just one door, for both, the refrigerator and the freezer.

It’s smaller, needs a little bit of maintenance and it saves on the electricity consumption bit as well.

Single door vs Double door vs Side by side door refrigerators- what is right for your home?

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There are two things you should look at, while considering to purchase a single door refrigerator. Firstly, it’s electricity consumption and secondly it’s capacity/size.

Electricity consumption: Single door refrigerators have the advantage over double door refrigerators in this aspect. Due to their small size, minimalistic features, they use limited amounts of energy. Therefore, purchase one which follows this principle and really uses electricity efficiently.

Size/Capacity: As they are ideally suited for small families, it’s easy to put into context that such families do not generally have a lot of space in their houses. That’s where the product dimensions of the product come into play. Size can also be looked at in terms of its storage capacity.

Amazon India has best sellers list and looking at that list is one of the easiest way to pick a good product for yourself.

Top 8 Best Selling Single Door Refrigerators from Amazon India:

Bestseller No. 1
Whirlpool 190 L 3 Star ( 2019 ) Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator (WDE 205 ROY 3S, Silver Bliss)
  • Direct-cool refrigerator; 190 litres capacity
  • Energy Rating: 3 Star
  • Warranty: 1 year on product, 5 years on compressor
  • 9 hours cooling retention during power cuts
  • Ample Bottle Storage Space - 2 dedicated door racks chill up to three 2L-bottles and five 1L-bottles
SaleBestseller No. 2
UR LITTLE SHOP Heavy Duty Universal Refrigerator Stand Double Door/Single Door Stand/Washing Machine Stand/Dishwasher Stand Maroon Color with 6 Months Guarantee ULS:11
  • Refridgerator stand/ Washing Machine stand(multi purpose stand)
  • we are Giving 6 Months Guarantee
  • Color:Maroon
  • Material:Nylon stand
  • very strong and long lasting
Bestseller No. 3
Godrej 190 L 3 Star ( 2019 ) Direct-Cool Single Door Refrigerator (RD 1903 EW 3.2 RYL WIN, Royal Wine)
  • Direct-cool refrigerator; 190 litres capacity
  • Energy Rating: 3 Star
  • Reciprocatory Compressor
  • Direct cool, single door: Economical requires manual defrosting
  • Capacity 190 L: Suitable for families with 2-3 members
SaleBestseller No. 4
Samsung 192 L 2 Star Direct-Cool Single Door Refrigerator (RR19T282BR8/NL, Saffron Red)
  • Direct-cool refrigerator; 192 litres capacity
  • Energy Rating: 2 Star
  • Warranty: 1 year on product, 10 years on compressor
  • Direct cool refrigerator: Economical and requires manual defrosting
  • 192L capacity: Suitable for family of 2 to 3 members
SaleBestseller No. 5
SAI BALAJI Heavy Duty Universal Refrigerator Stand Double Door/Single Door Stand/Washing Machine Stand/Dishwasher Stand Grey Color with 6 Months Guarantee NO:46
  • Refridgerator stand/ Washing Machine stand (multi purpose stand)
  • We are giving 6 months guarantee
  • Colour : Grey
  • Material:Nylon stand
Bestseller No. 6
Sharabani Plastic Fridge Stands for Single and Double Door Refrigerators for 150-292 Ltrs (Maroon Colour)
  • It makes for the perfect stand as it has the ability to withstand a huge amount of weight. With dimensions 58 x 60 cm, the refrigerator is for holding refrigerators of 150 to 292 litres. The 10 cm height base allow you to cleaning of your fridge and its surroundings
  • Compatible for both single and double door fridge of Haier, IFB, LG, Bosch, Siemens, Whirlpool, Godrej, BPL, SAMSUNG, Mitashi, Intex capacity of 150 to 292 litres
  • The main features of these products include Corrosion Resistance, High Tensile Strength and Resistance to Wear and Tear. Thus, these products are highly appreciated in the market segments
SaleBestseller No. 8
Golwyn Refrigerator,Sofa,Cupboard,Almirah All in One Rust Proof Stand,Fridge Stands
  • Multipurpose- Can be used for all furnitures to prevent from Rust
  • Made for heavy weight items
  • Saves Furniture base and floor from rust
  • Package Contents: 4 Pcs Set

We have also picked our own choices to give you more idea and information about top single door refrigerators in India.Check the below list and choose one that can best serve you.

Here is a list of five single door refrigerators, along with a little bit of information about them, which could help you make a more informed decision during your next purchase:

Best Single Door Refrigerator to Buy in 2018 in India:

#1.Videocon VC090PSH-FDW/VC091PSH-FDW Direct-cool Single-door Refrigerator:

Best single door refrigerator to buy from online in India

You buy a fridge so that your food and water/beverages, not only remain cool but are also protected from the bacteria.

The anti-bacterial door gasket of this model, does just that.

A lot of care has been taken while designing its interiors. The wired shelves add stability and ensure that the shelves can bear a significant burden.

It has a capacity of 80 litres and its exact product dimensions are: 620 x 52.4 x 98.6 mm.

#2.Kenstar NH203EBR-FDA Direct-cool Single-door Refrigerator:

Best quality single door refrigerator from top brands in india

It comes with an energy rating of 3 and has a capacity of 190 litres. You don’t require a stabilizer for it to function properly and it comes with a number of different kinds of trays, each with their own purpose.

What’s unique is the insitu door foam that it comes with, which ensure that none of the cooling escapes the refrigerator.

Just like the model above, it has an anti-bacterial gasket for the protection of the foods.



#3.LG GL-B20e1AMLN Direct-cool Single-door Refrigerator:

good looking and popular single door fridge to buy online in India

As energy efficient a model that you can find, this comes with a 5-star energy rating. Another striking feature of this particular model is its extremely quick ice making process, one of the fastest in a single door fridge.

The exact product dimensions of it are: 1170 x 537 x 634 mm and it has a capacity of 190 litres.

Apart from the mentioned features, it has the essentials, just like the other refrigerators.



#4.Haier 2157 BS-R Direct-cool Single-door Refrigerator:

best quality single door refrigerator from top brands in India in 2017

This particular model by Haier has very similar features as the one above, by LG.

It comes with a 5-star energy rating, it’s capable of  bringing down the temperature to -5 degrees within an hour, thereby allowing the quick conversion of water into ice and what’s more, you don’t necessarily need an electrical stabilizer to make full use of it.

Apart from that, it comes with a bigger cooling pad which allows the refrigerator to retain cooling for up to 10 hours, thereby, ensuring it’s reasonably operational during power cuts as well.



#5.Whirlpool 205 Genius Cls Plus 4S Direct-cool Single-door Refrigerator:

Best single door refrigerator from reputed companies to buy online in India this year

The 6th sense cooling technology that this model is equipped with will ensure that you never have to worry about things like, “Will the water be cold enough?”, “Have we put it in the fridge for enough time?”. Why?

Because this particular technology will ensure that whatever it is that you put in the refrigerator will get cooled twice as fast as that in a regular model.

Apart from that, it makes quick ice, it has a 4 star energy rating, toughened glass shelves, large vegetable crisper etc.

You want to make sure nobody eats your precious treats while you are away? There is a door lock option just in case the need ever arises.




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