Best Slow Juicer from Philips Brand in India 2021

With the advent of numerous quality kitchen appliances, it is becoming extremely difficult for customers to decide on the best products in the market.

This goes for almost all appliances in the kitchen –especially for daily use products like juicers, toasters, etc. In order to ease your plight, here is a comprehensive buyer’s guide on choosing the best slow juicer for your kitchen.

What features to look for in Slow juicer?

While there are no clear rules on making the best decision while purchasing a product, you can always rely upon quality brands for excellent features. These features make a product worthy of its price and purchase. Let’s see which features you should definitely have in your slow juicer:

  • Durable power and motor settings: This feature is basically the core of every kitchen appliance. You should always look for adequate power settings in your juicers so that it can operate freely without causing any damage to itself.
  • Capacity: This feature is entirely dependent on the needs of the customers. If you require a large juicer for your kitchen, look for products which have at least 3 liter capacity juicers. If you are just looking for a small and portable juicer, then 1.5 to 2 liters is your best bet.
  • Design preference: Various slow juicer products have different designs – all suited for unique purposes. Choose the one which is best for you, but always keep in mind that a fancy looking juicer is not always the best product in terms of performance.
  • Brand: This is yet another customer preference feature. Many prefer to save money and go for locally manufactured juicers, but it is not always profitable in the long run. Purchase kitchen appliances from reputable brands such as Philips, Hurom, etc. in order to get warranty on your products for at least a year or more.

Best Philips slow juicer to buy in India 2021:

Philips has always been a very reliable brand producing quality kitchen appliances. So it is no wonder that their slow juicer products are quite good.

Of course, you can certainly check out other brands if you are looking to purchase a slow juicer. Still, here are some products from Philips to give you a good idea about what you should be looking for:

#1.Philips Viva Collection HR1863/20 Juicer:

Best quality and popular Philips slow juicers in India

Equipped with a revolutionary Quick Clean technology from Philips, this model is certainly a premium product to look for.

It is capable of extracting juice from both fruits and vegetables without getting rid of their healthy fiber and pulps.

Its 2 liter XL capacity is perfect for home kitchens and it is accompanied by a powerful 700 watt motor.


#2.Philips Viva Collection HR1832/00 Juicer:

Best Philips company slow juicer to buy online in India

Even though it has a smaller capacity of 1.5 liters, it is a perfect product for small kitchens.

It can be easily portable, with a fast cleaning process and high juice extraction mechanism.

It is powered by a 400 watt motor and is equipped with a drip stop mechanism to avoid spillage.


#3.Philips Viva Collection HR1855 Juicer:

Top 3 best Philips slow juicer to buy in India

It is a more advanced version of Philips’ HR1863 model. Not only does it offer a quick cleaning sieve with its Quick Clean technology, but it also comes with a large 2 liter XL feeding tube.

Its see-through pulp container is great for checking prior to extracting juices from a fruit/vegetable. It even stores all pulps in a container for easy disposal.


Best Philips slow juicer – HR1863 vs HR1832 vs HR1855:









2 L


1.5 L


2 L





700 watt


400 watt


700 watt







ABS Plastic


ABS Plastic





1.2 L


1 L


1.2 L





220-240 V


220 V


220-240 V

The answer to this question is entirely dependent on the customer. If you are looking for a powerful yet durable juicer, then the Philips Viva Collection HR1863/20 2.0 liter juicer is your best bet.

Otherwise you can also go for a smaller but sturdy one like the HR1832/00 model. Hope that this guide has been adequate enough to guide you for getting the best slow juicer for yourself.

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