How to choose a Wardrobe that suits your Bedroom in 2021?

“Oh! The room is so messed up. How do I keep all things arranged?” Well, you need a wardrobe to fit all your things in. And if you are designing your room, then getting the right wardrobe considering aesthetics of the place gets added to your requirement.

So, all it means is that besides being the reflection of your taste, that wardrobe should also come with maximized storage space.And before you invest in getting one, do you know there are certain other factors you must not overlook?

How should you choose an appropriate wardrobe for your bedroom?

Let’s check out the basic aspects first. Your answers to these questions would help you to get the best product.

  1. What is your requirement? What do you need?

If you are looking for more basic storage space, the one with multiple drawers and shelves would be the best. Again, if more hanging space is your requirement, go for armoires.

To store your jewellery safely, you can choose the jewellery armoires that come with separate jewellery storage. So, first, decide on your requirement.

  1. What is the size of your room?

Going to the market and buying randomly would be a complete waste of your investment if the wardrobe doesn’t fit in that desired space.

So, make sure you have the exact size and dimension of the area where you want to place it. Like, a corner armoire would fit in a tight space.

  1. Any specific design or style you want?

If you have any specific requirement regarding the design and style of a wardrobe, don’t forget to consider that while purchasing.

For a clean looking room, choose a compact design with required compartmentalization. Remember, this furniture is going to stay in your house of a good number of years. So, you should be satisfied with your choice.

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Do you know the different types of wardrobes available?

Considering your requirement on design and space, we have assembled some of the common types of wardrobes for your choice.

  • Armoires:

Armoires are usually wooden free standing wardrobes that give a vintage feel. To meet your multiple storage need, these have in-built storage space with dividers, rods, drawers and shelves.

  • Free Standing:

This is a traditional type of wardrobe that is found in majority of homes. Different materials like wood, plastic or metal are used in its manufacturing.

However, for easily operating the doors, free standing wardrobes consumes much space in the room.

  • Wall Mounted:

If space is a major factor for you, it’s better to go for wall mounted wardrobes that consume less space within the room. Coming in a variety of sizes, walk-in wardrobes are good choices for enhancing your bedroom’s look.

  • Sliding door:

Want to utilize the empty corners in your room? Sliding door wardrobes are stylish taking no space for outward opening of doors.

One of these old-fashioned styles is making a comeback in many homes. Seasonal stuff like boxed boots, blankets, woolen wears, etc. are good things to store here.

  • Walk-in wardrobes:

Do you wish to display your wardrobe collection? Try out walk-in wardrobes that give a touch of luxury to your room. The best way is to take an unused room and convert it into a unique walk-in closet.

  • Cornered wardrobes:

If you have a small sized room, add a touch of grandeur by utilizing the unused corners for wardrobes. It’s a wise way to use spaces.

  • Customized wardrobes:

This is probably the last and best option if you don’t get your desired wardrobe. Go for customizing a wardrobe that perfectly matches the aesthetics of your room.

Beautiful wardrobes blend with function and style to meet your storage as well as design needs.

Just consider your requirements, going with your budget and bring the appropriate product home. “With good basics, you’ll have a good number of options.”

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