Everything you need to know before buying an Air Conditioner for your home

Are you planning to buy an air conditioner? It’s a great idea but one needs to gain knowledge before choosing an AC. Air-conditioners vary in cooling capacity, energy usage and price.

You should choose the type of AC which is suitable for your room size or the window opening in your room.

How to Choose an Air Conditioner?

Keep few points in your mind before buying an AC.

  • Price:

A 5 star rated air conditioner is costlier than a 3 star rated air conditioner. A good 3 star rated,1 ton splitAC costs approx. Rs. 22,000 to Rs. 26,000 and a 5 star rated, 2 ton split AC costs approx. Rs. 47,000 to Rs. 61,000.The price of an Inverter air conditioner is 20% higher than 5 star rated split air conditioner.

  • Measurement of rooms:

Measure the room where you will place the air conditioner. Choose the AC with right cooling capacity for the space of that room.

  • Buy the AC in Winter:

Purchase the air conditioner in winter season. There is a high possibility that the products will be on sale.

  • Cooling Capacity:

Check the cooling capacity of the air conditioner which is measured by BTUs per hour.120 to 140 Sq. ft. area needs 1 ton cooling capacity, 150 to 180 Sq. ft. area needs 1.5 ton cooling capacity and 180 to 240 Sq. ft.area needs 2 ton cooling capacity. 1 ton AC is a good choice for a normal room.

  • Filter:

A good filter improves the energy efficiency and cooling performance of an air conditioner.

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What are the Different Types of Air Conditioners?

Most common types of air conditioners are split, window, portable and central cooling system. Go through the list to know about them written below.

  • Split AC:

This type of cooling systems is called split air conditioners because they are made of 2 units- one indoor and one outdoor. The 1stpart consists of cooling fan and evaporator and the 2nd part consists of condenser, compressor and expansion valve.

Split air conditioners do not take as much space as the window cooling systems. Split ACs look elegant, smart and stylish and they deliver good air distribution.

  • Window AC:

A single box consists of components including compressor, cooling oil, expansion valve and condenser. This system remains fitted to the window of a house or a room’s wall. These air conditioners are cheaper than other types of ACs.

  • Central AC:

These air conditioners are used in cinema halls, hotels, factories or large buildings. 1 large compressor and 2 separate units are used in this system. It is not possible to place air conditioners in each and every room of a big building because that can be very expensive, so these air conditioners are used there.

  • Portable AC:

It is a mobile cooling system which is placed on the floor of a room. These air conditioners are generally noisier than other types.

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What are the features?

  • Cooling Wattage of AC:

Cooling wattage is based on the cooling capacity of an air conditioner which is represented in Watts, Btu/hr or kCal/hr, etc.

  • Power Consumption:

Power consumption varies from one model to another. A central air conditioner consumes more power than the other types of room air conditioners. A normal sized air conditioner consumes 1500 Watts per hour.

  • The Star Rating:

The rating is based on the energy efficiency of each air conditioner. If the star rating is higher, you can save more energy. So, buy a 5 star rated air conditioner for your room.

  • Energy Efficiency Ratio:

It is the ratio of the cooling capacity and the total electrical inputs in Watts. The effective and high class air conditioners generally have energy efficiency ratio of 5. Make sure to check rating of the product you choose.

What are you waiting for? LG, Samsung, Hitachi and Voltas are most the popular Air conditioner brands. Go and grab the AC you need.

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