Front load washing machine vs Top load washing machine – Which one best fit for you?

So, you want to buy a washing machine for your home, right? The washing machine market won’t disappoint you. But, with the array of options, especially with the two types of the washing machines, it can indeed become a difficult choice to make, whether you should choose a front loading washing machine or a top loading one.

Both these serve the same purpose of cleaning. But, either one has its own benefits and drawbacks. Which one you should choose for you is subjective. Here are the factors associated with both these kinds of washing machines.

Front load vs Top load washing machines – Comparison:

  • Doors:

The top loading washing machines have a door on top and hence, it is a lot easier to load and unload the clothes.

With the front load machines, if the machine is kept on a pedestal, it is convenient. Otherwise, one has to bend down and load and unload the clothes. Loading is still easy, but unloading the clothes from a front loading machine can be a little inconvenient, as compared to the top loading machine.

  • Water:

The top load machine requires a lot of water to soak the clothes completely in the drum. In fact, as the soapy water is drained out and the drum is refilled with clean water, it again requires a lot of water.

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The front load machine on the other hand requires less water; only a third of the entire drum needs to be filled.

The spinning will ensure that due to gravity, the clothes are thrown back into the water. Moreover, when the soapy water is drained out, to rinse the clothes, the front load machines only sprinkle water. Hence, requirement of water and waste of water is way less in this machine.

  • Space:

If space is a problem for you, front loading machines are the best choice for you as they can be stacked in a small space.

On the other hand, the top loading machines cannot be stacked anywhere.

  • Energy efficient:

Since the front loaders require less water, there is less time required for the clothes to dry out. Thus, the front loading machines require less energy, as compared to the top loaders.

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  • Caring for the machine:

The top loading washing machines are easier to clean and it has a low maintenance. The drum dries out comparatively faster.

The front load machines occasionally need cleaning, as there is odour problem and mildew problem, if not dried properly. After every wash, the front door and the detergent chamber must be left open for complete dryness. The drum must be spun manually for drying.

  • Cost:

Cost is a significant pro for top load machines as they are quite affordable, as compared to the front load machines.

The front loads do cost quite higher than the top loading machines. But at the same time, they save your energy bills for long.

  • Agitators and clothing life:

Most top load machines came with agitators for a long time, they still do. However, nowadays, even the top load models are coming out without these agitators. Not only do they take a lot of space, but they also are harsh on the clothes.

The front load machines on the other hand, do not have the agitators to churn the water. The only force that is at work is gravity. Hence, the clothes have a longer life in there.

  • Detergent:

With top loading machines, you have a greater flexibility of detergent choice.

Most front load machines limit your scope of using any and every detergent. They require special detergents.

Which one to choose in 2021?

Now that you have known about the pros and cons of either type of washing machines, you will be able to choose the one that suits your needs, budget and preference.

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