Glen GL4043Plus 250-Watt 0.4-Litre Mini Chopper Review

It can become hectic to use a food processor if you have a small family and generally cook for two or three people. The food processor will take lots of time to clean, even you need to use it for a small amount of food. In that case, the best thing you can bring to your kitchen cabinet is a mini chopper.

The Glen GL404 Plus is a mini chopper, which can be used for small grinding and chopping needs. This chopper can be used for lots of things such as grinding herbs, chopping vegetables, whisking eggs and lots more.

It is a small compact size chopper having a capacity of 400ml. The mini chopper comes with a warranty of 1 year and operates in the voltage between 210-250 volts.


Glen GL4043Plus 250-Watt 0.4-Litre Mini Chopper Review - Worth the price

  • Effortless working: As the chopper is smaller in size, you can prepare your food fresh every time. The quality stainless steel is used by the Glen GL4043Plus, which is durable and rust free. No matter you want to whisk eggs or chop vegetables, this mini chopper can be used without much effort.
  • Transparent PC bowl: The GL4043Plus comes with a food grade transparent PC bowl making it easy to have clear visibility.
  • Nonslip ring: In order to offer stability, the mini chopper has a non slip ring.


Glen GL4043Plus 250-Watt 0.4-Litre Mini Chopper Review:


Glen GL4043Plus 250-Watt 0.4-Litre Mini Chopper detailed review with pros and cons

  • Simple to use: The biggest benefit that users have after buying a GL4043Plus is that it is very simple and easy to use. There is no need for locking or clicking.
  • High quality: The quality of the product is very good, making it easy to perform chopping and whisking within some seconds. Moreover, it is easy to handle and works fast.


  • Noisy work: While chopping vegetables and grinding herbs, the GL4043Plus create lots of noise, making it an unhandy product.
  • Separate chopping: The mini chopper can’t chop different vegetables together and it is advised to chop one vegetable at a time. If you try to chop two vegetables together, it will just get stalled.


Final Comment:

If you are looking for a device for small tasks such as chopping ingredients, then the GL4043 Plus is an ideal product.

Another benefit of this chopper is that it doesn’t take much space and will easily get fit in your kitchen. Apart from noise issues, it is a convenient tool which can help you a lot in the kitchen.

If you are looking for more alternatives,here is the list to check to see some of the best selling vegetable choppers in India.

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