HUL Pureit WPAD100 Advanced 23-Litre Water Purifier Review – Good quality and Affordable

Water is the most important element of our life and its purify affects a lot to our health. In developing countries, the water that comes from the tap is unfit for drinking and there is a need for the water purification system in every household.

While selecting a water purifier, the most important factors is the quality of water. In this post, we will review the HUL Pureit WPAD100 Advanced 23-Litre Water Purifier.

Basic Details of HUL Pureit WPAD100 Advanced 23-Litre Water Purifier:

HUL Pureit WPAD100 Advanced 23-Litre Water Purifier complete review - Good quality and affordable water purifier

HUL Pureit WPAD100 Advanced 23 liter is widely accepted purifier which removes bacteria and viruses in water efficiently.

It comes with a 9L water tank making sure that it fulfills the needs of the customers. The water purifier meets the US EPA standards and removes 1 crore virus in 1 liter of water.


  • Auto Shutoff: After the expiration of the germikill processor, the advanced mechanism of the Pureit WPAD100 prevents the water from reaching the germicheck filter.
  • Double purification: The water purifier comes with the advanced purifier that includes two stage purification systems. At first stage, the water will pass through the germikill processor, advanced microfiber mesh,and carbon polisher to remove all the impurities and viruses from the water, whereas, in the second stage, water will pass through the micro charged membrane to assure the double protection and double safety.
  • Six month warranty: In order to offer complete peace of mind in case of defects, the company offers a six month warranty on HUL Pureit WPAD100 Advanced 23-Litre Water Purifier.


HUL Pureit WPAD100 Advanced 23-Litre Water Purifier Review:


  • High capacity: This water purifier comes with the 23 liter water tank making it best for bore well and hard water.
  • Low maintenance: It has very simple assembly and functioning and there is no requirement of annual maintenance.
  • Tough body: The body of the water purifier is made up of food grade quality plastic to ensure odorless water.


  • Leakage problem: Many customers have complained about the leakage in the container of the purifier.
  • Low quality tap: The tap of the HUL Pureit WPAD100 is made up of very poor material.


Final Comment:

In order to stay healthy, you should have a water purifier like this as the water conditions in India are not so good. This purifier is a cost effective product and suits the budget of the middle class families.

Moreover, the HUL Pureit WPAD100 Advanced 23-Litre Water Purifier is very easy to maintain offering more clean water than any other purifier in the same price range.

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