Koryo KSJ 1501 150W Cold Press Healthy Slow Juicer vs Premsons Slow Juicer

Having a mixer grinder in your kitchen is very important. It reduces the labour and helps you to make healthy juices fast. Since there are a number of juicers available in the market, it is quite difficult to choose the right one.

Amongst the many brands that are highly popular in the recent time, the two brands that buyers prefer ,especially when it comes to slow juicers are Koryo and Premsons. Philips is another brand which you can look at for affordable slow juicers in India.

Two juicers from these two brands that have been high on demand in the market are the KSJ 1501 150W Cold Press Healthy Slow Juicer from Koryo and the Slow Juicer from Premsons.

Buyers often get confused between choosing the one that would be best for them. Here is a comparative study that will help you to make your decision.

Koryo KSJ 1501 Cold Press Healthy Slow Juicer vs Premsons Slow Juicer – Comparison :

Which slow juicer to buy between Koryo KSJ 1501 and Premsons brand

Koryo Juicer

The parts of the juicers:

Before you go into a comparison between the two juicers, you must know what you will get, when you purchase any of these juicers.

Along with the Koryo juicer, you will get a large feeding tube as well as a juice collection cup. The usual contents of the Premsons juicer include two containers, a cleaning brush and a pusher, along with the juicer.

Motor capacity:

Both the Koryo KSJ 1501 150W Cold Press Healthy Slow Juicer and Premsons Slow Juicer come with a motor that consumes only 150 Watts of energy.

This is a very low energy consumption that ensure that less power is consumed and hence, the energy bill amount is also quite less. Unlike the conventional juicers, this is a great way to save energy. The Koryo juicer ensures –

  • Continued working time
  • Maximum amount of juice extracted from the fruits and vegetables.

Revolutions per Minute or RPM:

Nowadays, there is a huge trend of those juicers that are run on the slow RPM technology. This means that the revolutions or rotations per minute would be too slow. The slower is the revolution; the better will be the extraction.

  • Premsons:
Premsons vs Koryo - What is the best slow juicer?

Premsons Juicer

In case of the Premsons slow juicer, the RPM is only 43. This extremely slow speed ensures that the freshness of the fruits and vegetables remain intact. Moreover, it also ensures that the heat that is usually generated due to high speed and heavy friction is not created. Thus, enzymes and quality of the juice remain undisturbed.

This juicer also comes with the Slow Squeezing System Technology Ultem Screw feature. This increases the squeezing ability of the juicer.

  • Koryo:

The Koryo slow juicer also has a very low RPM.

Safety feature:

Safety of any kitchen appliance is very important. If it does not ensure safety, it might lead to injuries.

  • Koryo:

The Koryo KSJ 1501 150W Cold Press Healthy Slow Juicer comes with a safety feature that prevents the juicer from being over-heated. Thus, the quality of the juice remains intact.

  • Premsons:

This particular model from Premsons offers a special safety feature that the juicers will not start working, unless and until all the parts of the juicer are properly set.

Reverse function:

Koryo offers a reverse function and this is very useful in extracting maximum juices from fruits and vegetables and also makes the juice smooth. The Premsons juicer does not have this feature.

Additional factors:

Both come with stainless strainers and hence, the juice will be smooth. There will be very minimal noise, unlike most other juicers as both these appliances come with a noise control system. As you buy, you will get a warranty of a year with each of these juicers.

What to buy – Premsons or Koryo Juicer?

However, there is a difference in the price range. The Premsons Slow Juicer is priced less(Buy this from Amazon India) and the Koryo KSJ 1501 150W Cold Press Healthy Slow Juicer(Buy this from Amazon India) is priced more than Premsons. Your choice should be made of your budget and as per the features of these juicers. Happy juicing to you!

Drink fresh juice and stay healthy!

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