Sofa cum Bed – How it helps and How to choose good one for your home?

In the present times, space is a huge problem for most houses. Be it a studio apartment or a small home, if you have more guests than you can accommodate then it is a must that you choose furniture that takes limited space, but can accommodate more people.

In that case, the sofa cum bed is the best option that you can choose. It is a two in one sitting and sleeping arrangement that makes sure that the room is less cluttered with a number of chairs and singular sofas and beds and divans.

However, choosing a sofa cum bed is not an easy task. There are multiple options available and you must choose the one that will ensure beauty, comfort and utility.

Benefits of sofa cum bed:

  • Saves space
  • Multipurpose – sitting and sleeping arrangement
  • Suitable for those, who do not have a guest room or live in a space-crunched apartment
  • Affordable and reasonable, as compared to buying an individual sofa and an individual bed.

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Types of sofa cum beds:

  1. Inflatable sofa cum beds:

These are sofa cum beds that can be inflated. It is very easy to use. But, if you want to use the sofa cum bed for a daily or regular use, it might not be the best option. If you are looking for something that you would use occasionally, this is a good option. Its benefits are –

  • Ease to carry
  • Foldable
  • Light in weight
  • Reasonably priced.
  1. Spring sofa cum bed:

Based on a click clack mechanism, the cushion portion can be pushed back to convert it into a queen size bed. Families with children prefer to use this one as it is –

  • Durable
  • Light weight
  • Easy to convert
  1. Pull out sofa cum bed:

To convert this sofa into a bed, the mattress has to be pulled out that lies underneath the sofa. It is a good option for accommodating overnight guests. The bed can be expanded quite a lot; hence, the space must be measured before buying. Its benefits are –

  • No need for extra mattresses
  • Becomes a large bed
  1. Fold out sofa cum bed:

These options are suitable for a spacious and large bed. The mattress is attached and soft and foamy. The height of these sofas is low and hence, suitable for small apartments, with low heighted furniture. The benefits are –

  • Built in storage and pillows
  • Suitable for small rooms.

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Factors to consider while buying sofa cum bed in 2021:

  • Measurement:

Measure the space in which you are going to place the sofa cum bed. Measure the sofa and the bed individually and ensure that the one that you choose fits comfortably into the available space.

  • Type:

All the available types are already mentioned and their benefits are also discussed. You need to choose the one that suits your space, décor and need.

  • Style:

There are the wooden variants and the metal variants that you can choose from. The wooden variants are heavier and are more expensive. The metal variants are usually sleek and light in weight. They are less expensive. You can choose the one that will match the rest of the décor of your room and suit your budget.

  • Mattress:

If the sofa cum bed comes with a built in mattress and pillows, it is an added benefit. Find the material that the mattress is made up of. It can be coir, foam, fibre and feather. Make sure that the mattress is thick and comfortable.

  • Weight:

Usually the sofa-cum-beds are heavier than sofas. The heavier is the sofa cum bed, the better, more reliable and more durable.

But, if you are looking for a variant that is light in weight, so that you can move it here and there, you must do research and look for multiple options, from various sellers.

If you keep these factors in mind, choosing the best sofa cum bed set for your home would be easy. The one that you buy, must give you comfort, solve your space problem and should also not look a cluster or burden to the décor of the room. Find good prints for the sofa cover, so that it gives a perfect mood to the setting of the room.

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