Vacuum Cleaner Selection Guide for your Home

When you are standing in a departmental store and looking at a new row of vacuum cleaners, how do you make headways of separating these vacuums from one another? Choosing a perfect model requires a little time and effort to analyze what you would like to clean.

Generally speaking, there are mainly five types of vacuum cleaners available in the market. These are

  • Upright
  • Canister
  • Robot
  • Handheld
  • Stick

Each of them is having their key features and separate uses. However, to choose the right model for your home, the very first thing you need to do is to determine for what purpose you are going to use this vacuum

Factors to consider while buying a Vacuum cleaner for your home in 2021:

If you have bare floors:

A house with hardwood or tile floor requires a versatile canister vacuum cleaner. With multiple attachments, you can easily get into the corners and tight spaces easily. If you are choosing an upright cleaner, opt for the one that allows turning the brush roll.

If you need to clean stairs:

A canister cleaner with a long hose can certainly serve your purpose of removing dust from stairs and railings.

However, if you are going to choose one vacuum cleaner for the entire house, then this canister with a long hose may make your task difficult when you need to drag it between floors.

Choose a lightweight upright vacuum cleaner that you can use as a solo machine.

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If you need to clean wall carpets:

A canister with a powerful motor head attachment is best for carpets. However, if you need to cover a wide space, you can choose an upright cleaner for ease of handling.

For upright cleaner, look for an adjustable brush roll that can easily push to different carpet heights.

These are some facts that you must take into account while buying vacuum cleaners for your home. Besides these, there are some other important factors that also require equal attention. Let’s have a look at them –

  • Air watts, wattage, and power

Air watts indicate the suction power of the vacuum cleaner. It also measures the pickup power of the cleaner and not just its powerful motor. Look for a vacuum cleaner that comes with 200+ watts.

  • Dust pickup performance

The shape of the cleaner indicates how well it can pickup dust. Therefore, choose a vacuum cleaner that comes with several channels to sweep dirt from every corner of your house. A brush that spins can be a great choice for picking up dust from carpets.

Other factors:

  • Bag or bagless model

Both bag and bagless vacuum cleaners come with pros and cons. Bagless cleaners will spare you from purchasing bags. However, they lack suction power.

While vacuum cleaners with bags are more hygienic as dirt and dust are collected in a sealed bag and keep your mess clean from disposal.

However, when its bags fill up, it may reduce the suction power of your cleaner. Both bag and bagless vacuum cleaners are available in the market, so it mainly depends on your preferences.

  • Cord or cordless vacuum cleaners

Managing cords while vacuuming is one of the biggest hassles. A cordless vacuum cleaner can be an apt choice if you need quick clean up or vacuum a small mess. However, if you wish to get long-lasting consistency, a cord vacuum cleaner offers the best option.

  • How often you need to vacuum?

If vacuuming is a part of your daily routine, then you need nothing but a lightweight long stick vacuum cleaner. If you need to make long stretches during vacuuming sessions, opting for an upright or canister vacuum will best suit your requirements.

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Buying a vacuum cleaner is a daunting task. Prices may rise quickly along with different models available in the market. Think about what type of cleaning you need to do every day.

Have pets in your home that shed a lot? If yes, then you need a model that offers separate attachments for cleaning pet hair stuck in crevices or under furniture.

Hate cleaning, but need a hygienic house? A robot vacuum cleaner can certainly fulfill your purpose. Want something lightweight? Consider purchasing long stick upright vacuum cleaner.

So, the selection of the vacuum cleaner depends on the type of job you need to perform. But don’t get overwhelmed.

You may find a good number of vacuum cleaners belonging to different price levels. If you want to buy an expensive one for getting a clean floor, think again. Buy the best one that can give you finest results. Happy cleaning!

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