Water Purifiers – Benefits, Types and Selection Guide to choose good one for you

“Pure water is the world’s first and foremost medicine.”

But as the quality of this water is depleting,it is the need of the hour to have purified water for healthy living. And tap water is certainly not a reliable option anymore.

Considering the urgency of this essential requirement, majority of homes in India have largely accepted water purifiers for their wide range of benefits. In case you are confused over buying a water purifier, consider looking at its advantages.

Benefits of using water purifiers:

  • Sterile and Pure:

Bottled waters that you buy from your retailer are not always as pure as you believe to be.
But, with a water purifier at home, you can rest assured to have the ultimate sterile and purified water.

  • Lowers chances of gastrointestinal diseases:

Intake of pure water can actually minimize the chances of gastrointestinal diseases. Especially for children whose immune systems should be strongly developed, water must be in its best purified form.

  • Water with good taste:

Purified water means free from impurities.And, the less the impurities, the more the taste with its nutritious elements.

  • Eco-friendly choice:

Getting a water purifier would be an eco-friendly choice as these appliances do not release harmful pollutants into the environment.

  • Convenient to use:

Water purifiers are very easy and convenient to use. These appliances do not demand much maintenance. With simple installation procedure, you can enjoy hygienic drinking water.

  • Cost-effective:

Why should you spend hefty amounts on water bottles that are not even completely safe for intake? Instead, make an investment within your budget to enjoy an unlimited supply of purified water.

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Water purifiers help to balance the pH factor in our drinking water. Hence, so far good health is concerned;purchasing this appliance becomes a necessity for all.Besides drinking, you can use this water from purifiers for cooking and other purposes.

What are the types of water purifiers?

So, have you made up your mind to visit the market? If yes, then, there are different types of water purifiers that you would have to choose from.Have a look at the most preferred ones.

  1. Gravity Based:

Plus Point –

  1. Available at a low cost
  2. No use of electricity to filter
  3. Easy maintenance
  4. Average water storage capacity: 7 to 20 litres
  5. Portable especially for outings

In this type of purifiers, the water moves to lower chamber from higher chamber. It is filtered in the normal process of gravity without taking help from any external force. Purifying features include micro fiber mesh, UF purification, etc.

  1. RO or Reverse Osmosis filters:

Plus Point –

  1. Ideal for hard or salty water.
  2. Effective for water that has TDS value of 500 to 2000 ppm.

The name is derived from the technique used by this particular type. In the Reverse Osmosis technique, pressure is used to pass the water through semi-permeable membrane. It cleanly removes heavy metals including nitrates, fluorides, arsenic, mercury, and other impure salts that are dissolved.

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  1. UV or Ultraviolet Filters:

Plus Point –

  1. Perfectly removes materials like iron, nitrate, or arsenic.
  2. No water is wasted
  3. No use of chemical, so no change in taste
  4. Demands minimum maintenance
  5. Cost-effective option

This category of water purifier makes use of ultraviolet technology where UV radiations are used to kill bacteria, viruses and other harmful germs. If you want to keep your family safe from cholera, typhoid or dysentery, make a wise investment on UV filters.

  1. Universal or multi-stage water purifiers :

Plus Point –

  1. Added essential elements improve taste and quality
  2. Impurities of all kinds are removed
  3. Multi-stages purifying technique kills all types of germs
  4. Ideal for any type of water supply

This category makes use of different purifying techniques to offer clean and healthy drinking water. Manufacturers combine the power of 2 to 3 processes of purification. Some of the methods used are – UV+RO, UV+RO+UF and pre-post activated carbon.

Factors to consider before purchasing water purifier for your home in 2021:

Having knowledge on the various benefits and types of water purifiers will help you choose the best model for your purpose. But apart from these, take note of some other factors before you hit the market.

  • Quality of water in your locality
  • Storage capacity
  • Electricity requirement
  • Water pressure
  • Level of contamination

Brand ,good after sales service and affordable price are also some of the features to consider before choosing a water purifier.

We hope, the information above would now help you to make a better decision and pick the appropriate product. Know the worth of water and live purified!

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