Wet Grinder Selection Guide 2021- What and all to Check before Buying one for your Home

Kitchen is the most important place in a household. It is the place where the homemaker or the cook prepares food and the food brings the entire family together.

In the past eras, people had the time to make food preparations by hand. Even the technology was not so advanced that the cooks could take the help of kitchen appliances.

But, in the recent times, kitchen appliances have become an essential part of the daily lives. Be it for grinding spices or for making pastes, you need one or the other kind of mixers and grinders.

One such appliance is the wet grinder that is essentially important for making batters and wet pastes. For most Indian cooking styles, especially in the South Indian cooking, wet batters are very important for making the staple foods.

Hence, if you are thinking of having a wet grinder at your kitchen, you must know how to buy them.

Types of wet grinders available in India:

Before you choose the one for you, you must know about the available options for wet grinders.

  • Regular wet grinders
  • Tilting wet grinders
  • Table top wet grinders

Different types of wet grinders come with different features and facilities.

  • Regular wet grinders:

Mostly used for commercial purposes, this type of wet grinder can grind a huge amount of load. But of course, it is equally useful for large families. Its design has –

  • A steel rod
  • A single stone, held by the rod
  • An iron belt

This type of grinder takes a lot of space and is a little difficult to install as it is heavy and is single-stoned.

  • Tilting wet grinders:

Tilting wet grinders can be, as the name suggests, tilted. Thus, the batter or the wet mixture can be easily collected from the grinding unit, just by tilting it.

  • It makes it easy to scrape off the batter
  • Aged people can make use of it without any problem

If these wet grinders have a fixed drum, it becomes difficult to clean it.

  • Table top wet grinders:

As the name suggests, these grinders can be set on a table top, as it has a small size. It is made up of –

  • 2 to 3 stones
  • The stones are conical or cylindrical in shape
  • The grinding drum is made up of stone or stainless steel

These grinders are very easy to use, move and there is no need for installation as it has a very light weight. For small families and for small amount of wet batter, these grinders are very useful.

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Factors to consider before choosing the wet grinder in 2021:

When you choose a wet grinder, you need to consider a number of factors, rather the features of the wet grinder. These are –

  • Capacity:

The capacity of different kinds of wet grinders varies between 2 litres to 15 litres. Depending on the need, you can choose a grinder. The higher is the capacity of the grinder, the more space it will occupy.

  • Drum material:

The drums of the wet grinders are made up of either steel or stone. Stone drums get eroded with time. The stainless steel drums are better for long term usage.

  • Overload protection:

If too much load is put on the wet grinder, it will damage the motor of the grinder. The overload protection ensures that if too much load is put on the grinder, the grinder will stop working. You can then remove some load and restart. This feature is a must for the grinder that you choose, so that the grinder runs for the long term.

  • Tilting feature:

The wet grinders that come with tilting feature, are good to scrape off the batter, but difficult to clean the drums. Depending on your priority, you can choose either a tilting grinder or another one.

  • Number and shape of stones:

The grinders with 2 stones are normal. The grinders with 3 stones are better. They can be either conical or cylindrical in shape. The conical ones perform better.

  • Extra attachments:

The grinders that come with additional features such as a dough kneader or coconut scraper, is a better one.

With these features and factors in mind, you will be able to choose a good wet grinder for your kitchen that will help you in preparing food for a long time. Just choose a trusted company or manufacturer for the same.

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